memory vessel

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When special events come along, my family loves to raise a glass. Being sentimental, I found myself with a collection of corks: a champagne cork from the first time I ever sabered a bottle, a framboise cork from my wedding, a wine cork from a special dinner.  A memory vessel is my favorite way to hold those corks.

Memory vessels can be custom made. They can be any color, or simply clear. They can be engraved with a date, name, prayer, sentiment, memory, or wish, or they can be left blank. They can be etched with an image. They can contain a hand-written note, sand or soil from a special place, or just a happy thought.

Colored glass and etched images are an additional cost. Please send me a message if you would like to have a conversation about a custom vessel.


**I will be overseas blowing glass December 9th-March 22nd. Memory Vessels and all other custom orders will be available upon my return. Please send a message if you have any questions.